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About Us


The Easton Arts Council was officially founded in 1996 by a group of concerned citizens as a non-profit organization to foster and encourage the arts in all their forms within our town and to increase the impact of the Arts in community life. Our goals include but are not limited to

1) Showcase community artists,

2) Foster communications between the schools and the art s community,

3) Develop cooperation among local community organizations and the Arts community,

4) Recognize young artists in the community and

5) Provide a forum for local artists of all types to meet and exchange concepts and information.

To meet these goals we have developed a number of annual community events. You can find descriptions of them below. All of our events take place in the Community Room of the Easton Public Library. Over the years we have appreciated our relationship with the Library. A portion of any artwork sales is donated to the Library as well as an annual donation of thanks. We also have been able to make donations to other community organizations and give scholarships to worthy students.

We are a self-funded 501-C3, staying small for a small town, but our events have become a mainstay of the Easton Arts Community. We are eager to accept new members;  artists of all kinds or just art lovers who want to support the arts in Easton.





Art in the Country
Our juried Fine Art show.

Adult Member Art Show
An opportunity for members of the Arts Council to display their artwork.

Readers Theater
Over the past 25 years, Easton Arts Council Readers Theater has earned a reputation for presenting offbeat, literate material, and razor-sharp satire. Long time fans of the series have learned to expect the unexpected.

Juried Photography Exhibit
This show highlights the natural beauty of our area. It is open to all.

Taste of Opera
A popular area Opera event. The hour-long performance reflects a theme or story each year and features our president, Joanne Kant, along with guest artists.

Youth Art Show
A chance for Easton kids grades K through 12 to display their artwork in our library gallery.

Winter Celebration of the Arts
The reception celebrating the artists presenting in the Members Art Show. A chance to meet area artists, take in local art work and socialize. Live music and refreshments.


The Nancy White Memorial awards:
Presented to two Easton 11th grade students for exceptional accomplishment, creativity, and originality; one in the field of Performing and one in the field of Visual Arts. Nancy White was a founding member of the Easton Arts Council and our first Treasurer. She was a wife, mother, teacher, and painter. We will never forget her beautiful watercolors and her famous baked brie. She passed away from a brain tumor at much too early an age.


The Diane Esther Aaron Memorial Awards:
Presented annually to two 8th grade students for exceptional accomplishment, creativity, and originality; one in the field of Performing and one in the field of Visual Arts. Diane was a founding member of the Arts Council. As the personal greeter at our events, she was for many years the face of the arts council. She probably singlehandedly recruited more new members than anyone else due to her enthusiasm and love of the arts. As a master gardener and a floral designer, her sense of color was exceptional. She radiated cordiality and personality, drove folks to doctor appointments and Bible CLass, invited friends and neighbors to her famous teas, and fostered many of the Arts Council initiatives.


Our Calendar
Our annual "Scenes of Easton" calendar is produced from a selection of our photography show entries.


"The art of art, the glory of expression and the sunshine of the light of letters, is simplicity."

Walt Whitman

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